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April 9, 2013

I Wonder…



Life is not measured by the number of

breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away.


Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday,

and all is well. God is in Control


Reflections from Karan:

Have you had a bad nights’ sleep, woke up in the morning looked in the mirror and thought, “I’m not sure I’ll make it today”. Is your hair standing on end? Are there bags under your eyes…? Thank goodness for bag cream, not to mention the dreaded puffed eyelids? Some mornings, looking in the mirror can almost stop your heart. This happens to me quit often.

Have you fallen of your diet in a major way? Enjoyed an incredible weekend full of carbs, sugar and fat overload, and now feeling guilty, bloated and 10 pounds heavier than when you started. You know, the weekend where you ate everything you could get your hands on just because you couldn’t stand another carrot stick? I have, and I always give myself a good scolding too. I usually feel so guilty and miserable I promise myself never again. Well, maybe that’s a little hasty, I hear a little Chocolate is good for You!

Perhaps you’ve had a dispute with your husband, friends or even the kids and your nerves are fried. Possibly you’re saying, “I need to run away for a while or take a cruise “or if you’re like me you just stay in bed and cover your head. I’ve even considered a week at a rest home, wouldn’t that be heavenly. There I could sit on the porch in a rocking chair and sing “Blessed Quietness”and mean it.

Some day’s life does not go the way I expect. I can write lists, make my plans and try to get some sense of order, yet life does not stop because I have had a bad day. Have you ever felt like that?

I am thankful that as each new day comes, I can choose to find something to be thankful for. I am learning how to find joy in the moments. This is a lifelong journey, and a fast learner I am not. Not because my life is perfect, but because I have a friend who loves me through the circumstances of my life. He is the shield who blocks the sting and protects me in his perfect will. Nothing touches me that does not go through the cross first.

Although I will always have my share of bad hair days, bags under my eyes, blow my diet and lose my temper. I am safe and secure in the knowledge that God’s love and forgiveness is constant, unconditional and forever. He is my Friend, He is enough.

How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 36:7

Lovingly, Karan

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your time with me.

What helps you cope with bad days? I would love to hear What You do.

Have a great week!

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March12, 2013
I finally found the a quick and lasting answer to my weight loss program, who would have ever thought it was this easy!scale


Hugging Is Healthy

It helps the body’s immunity system • It keeps you healthier • It cures depression • It reduces stress • It induces sleep • It is invigorating • It’s rejuvenating • It has no unpleasant side effects • Hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug So Give Someone a HUG Today I am sending February Hugs to all of you.



 Sharing the Good News is one beggar telling another where to find bread!


 Reflections from Karan:  

English: A Big Mac combo meal with French frie...

English: A Big Mac combo meal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Have you ever had days when your mouth engages before your brain does? I will admit I do. I was thinking back when I had stopped at McDonald’s with my teenagers, and young man was taking my order. He had trouble remembering my order and getting it put into the computer. In my mind I was sure he was a few French fries short of an order. The line was getting longer and the people behind me we getting restless with this never ending comedy of errors. I was on my last nerve. I was almost ready to tell the kid what an idiot I thought he was, I definitely thought it.

 Looking up from the register with a big smile of recognition on his face, he said, “I like your necklace, I have one too.” In shock I remembered I had my “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do) dog tag on, and he pulled his out too. I stood with my mouth open as he related to me that his youth group at church were all wearing “WWJD” tags to remind them to be kind and loving to others. He also told me how excited he was about getting his new job.

As I left, with my order I weakly smiled and thanked my young server, and felt guilty about my bad attitude. I thanked God for keeping me from saying what I was thinking. I am sure I would not have pleased Him at all. Have you ever felt like God has just slapped you across the face with a rebuke so strong and hard that you will never forget that moment or how you felt?

I remembered the day I bought that necklace, I thought it was a good reminder for me to watch my words and actions so I could please and honor the God I love. I haven’t worn that necklace in a while, I need to find it, put it back on and remind myself God cares how I represent Him, and I should too. We live in a world where people need desperately see God’s love. If we were the only Bible people read, I wonder what their opinion of Him would be.                  

True love doesn’t consist of holding hands…It consists of holding hearts.

 Lovingly, Karan

  Dear Friend, thank you for spending your time with me. I would love to hear from you.

What has God been teaching You? leave a comment below.

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