Everyone Has Blonde Days

Does Everyone Have Blonde Days?

Sprinting into the four-lane street in three-inch heels, I prayed the light would not change as I made my final charge toward our car. I jerked open the door and jumped in breathlessly. Fumbling for the seat belt, I looked up into the horrified face of a driver who was not my husband. The light turned green but we just sat there. “Am I being carjacked?” he asked.

I releamedium_-karan_deannased the seat belt and said my apologies, assuring him it was a mistake. I was not a carjacker! Who knew getting a passport at the embassy would be so stressful? Maybe it was just another blonde day.

Does everyone have blonde days? Days when the most embarrassing and outrageous circumstances happen? Those are the days when all we can do is laugh out loud, hope no one is watching, and enjoy the moment. Who doesn’t need a good laugh these days to brighten and balance the stresses of everyday living? Laughter is a universal language. It has no boundaries and keeps us smiling no matter what life throws our way.

Over the last fifteen years I have interviewed women of all nationalities, and occupations. I have stopped them at malls, grocery stores and women’s events, to see if they have experienced blonde days. They usually laugh out loud, when they share their hilarious stories. In reality, women of all ages, stages, colors, circumstances, and hair colors, share in the fun of having blonde-day misadventures.

Research shows daily laughter can add up to eight years to your life. Who knew having a good laugh was as healthy as eating broccoli?

Everyone Has Blonde Day
s™ was created as a witty reminder we can find humor in the most unexpected places.

When those unexpected, laugh out loud days come into your life, embrace the moment, and realize you have just had a “blonde” Day.

Ladies, hang on to your pantyhose! Enjoy our Newsletter

                                                   Karan Gleddie

Do you have a Blonde Day Story? Start the discussion, let me hear your funny stories too.

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