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Offering love and laughter to women who need hope.

Karan Gleddie has more “blonde days” than most blondes. Speaker/Writer Karan Gleddie delights her audiences with hilarious personal stories, practical applications, and a deep love for God’s Word.

Karan is the creator of “Everyone Has Blonde Days,”® a ministry that offers love and laughter to women who need hope. Karan writes a bi-monthly newsletter filled with humor, encouragement and reflection. As a creative image and wardrobe coach her ideas are fresh and always fun. She was a California beach bunny who married a Canadian rancher, and traded her flip-flops ro 3-inch high heeled cowboy boots.She believes God has agreat sense of humor. After all He made us!

Karan has a story published in Carol Kent’s new book, “A New Kind of Normal”. Thomas Nelson, June 2007. She is currently working on, “Everyone Has Blonde Days,”® a compilation of humorous stories about everyday life. The book will celebrate those blonde moments that cause us to laugh out loud and then check to see if anyone else was looking. No matter what our culture, hair or skin color, we all have blonde days.

Karan is able to connect with audiences as she shares her own struggles with vulnerability. You will enjoy her honesty and humor as she shares where it hurts and where it tickles.

So ladies, Hang on to your panty hose!heart glasses



* Christmas Specials
* Evangelistic Outreach
* Biblical Teaching
* Young Mom’s Events
* Pastors’ Wives Sessions
* Women’s Retreats
* Grad Outreach & Pro-Life events


What people are saying:

Karan colors outside the lines and sees life in living color. She thinks she has more time than she really does. She shops to much,drives too fast, and she laughs at herself, she’ll make you laugh too.

Karan is a blur of contradictions—sort of a cross between Lucille Ball and Albert Einstein, with a dash of Mother Theresa thrown in just to acknowledge her compassion. On one hand she could easily be the source of every blonde joke ever written, and yet on the other, she epitomizes wisdom—dumb like a fox.

I am continually amazed at her ability to posture-perfectly, negotiate sidewalks, escalators, and pot holes, in three inch heels,I love how she can wear pearls with sweat pants or faux fur with cashmere. She is spontaneous, sensitive, and stylish with a seasoned goofy grace uniquely her own.

Deanna Hansen Doying
LemonTree Ministries, ~ NC. USA


Karan has experienced her share of life’s trials and blessings. Through all of this she has a message for women that speaks to the heart. Her spiritual maturity and wisdom shine through in a unique way that is youthful, positive, caring fun-loving and personable.

Rev.Barry McAuley
First Evangelical Free Church, Calgary, Alberta


Naturally funny, always beautiful, keenly insightful is my dear blonde friend Karan Gleddie. She is a powerfully charged magnet who attracts what she refers to as “blonde day” incidents.

Elayne.Goertzen~Regional Representative
Stonecroft Ministries Canada Alberta, Canada

“Karan’s keen sense of personal style and eye for current fashion is an asset for anyone who desires to reflect their personality through their wardrobe. Karan’s makes the whole experience relaxed yet professional.
My clothing confidence took a boost when her honest input helped me determine what looked best and what was just ho-hum. Karan gave me many wardrobe options with fewer pieces which also meant a lighter suitcase when I travel. Now that is a win-win resource.”

Anne L. Denmark, Certified
Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker
Tuson, AZ. USA


When I made the traumatic transition from recreation entrepreneur to writer/speaker/trainer for the Christian market, Karan was there to soothe my wardrobe nightmares. Only Karan could have transformed me from flop-flops to peep-toe pumps. “If it wasn’t for her expertise I’d be naked.”Way to go Karan. I love how I look!

Deanna Hansen-Doying, Writer, Speaker and Trainer
Hendersen, NC.USA

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